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CoolVent calculations are based on a multi-zone model with coupled energy and flow equations, and rely on two basic assumptions: Self-healing fibers have also been proposed as a strategy for addressing debonding events between the concrete matrix and reinforcing bars. However, in situations where the thermal stratification of air in a room is too strong, the predictions of CoolVent need to be improved. college paper writing help magazine Building space-conditioning systems often perform at poor part-load efficiencies because there is limited information feedback from individual offices and because part-load operation has led to large throttling losses.

The MIT Design Advisor is a multi-purpose simulation tool designed to evaluate the performance of advanced building facade systems. Recently completed research on closed-cell foam insulation improved its insulating performance and at the same time allowed it to be manufactured with elements which are not hazardous to the environment in particular which do not deplete the ozone layer. essay writing services cheap professional college Because early stage design decisions can have a dramatic impact on building performance, we offer this tool as a fast, simple way for a non-technical user to evaluate preliminary designs. The identification of construction methods and the consideration of innovative materials and assembly systems will contribute to a realistic proposal for a set of building components to be used in the upgrade of dwelling units. Research is the cornerstone of the program.

Implementation of an alternative cooling strategy—mixed-mode cooling—is demonstrated in this thesis to yield substantial savings in cooling energy consumption in many U. The self-healing fibers are primarily fluid-filled hollow capillaries that contain a bonding agent that, when released, slow or prevent the spread of a crack through the concrete matrix. design and technology gcse coursework textiles A flexible system identification framework was developed that is well-suited to accommodate the unique features of mixed-mode buildings. In winter, these buildings are uncomfortably cold or even uninhabitable. My doctoral work focuses on understanding air thermal stratification in a naturally-ventilated room.

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The performance of ventilation systems was monitored in several buildings and models were developed to correlate fan power with airflow and pressure. Another major focus is concentrating on the development of new daylighting metrics, including health aspects, or of new facade or window systems. Phd research proposal in architecture This simulation presents the user with a convenient method of examining facade performance. The next step, and the focus of this research is to utilize these maps of surface temperatures along with measurements of prevailing external conditions to understand how the homes are interacting with their surroundings. Department of Energy The study of sustainable materials necessarily involves an extremely large set of scientific and economic criteria to reasonably establish a productive comparative analysis.

For my thesis, I am working on the development of a new, easily installable, inexpensive and thin insulation. Our research looks to take these pictures which give a representation of surface temperatures on the building surface from a remote vehicle driving past the neighborhood homes. Phd research proposal in architecture CoolVent , developed in the Building Technology Research Group over the last decade, is a simulation tool for early design of buildings that predicts the effects of natural ventilation on the building's internal temperatures and airflow rates.

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In this recently completed project composite materials were developed that combined these separate functions. These different means, or modes, of cooling could include: To further investigate these factors, a tool has been developed to allow architects the ability to quickly assess the energy-saving potential of different roof systems. custom essay toronto couches Three significant contributions are presented in this thesis.

Efficient motors and variable-speed motor drives for the compressor and auxiliary fans and pumps provide efficient low-load operation. The Design Advisor allows a user to simulate a single side of a building facade or an entire four-sided building. mba essay service jury Three significant contributions are presented in this thesis. An additional contribution was the development of a procedure for extracting building time constants from experimental data in such a way that they are constrained to be physically meaningful. The electric utility industry requires extensive load survey data to plan for future power generation needs and to prove the efficacy of utility-supported conservation programs.

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Thermal storage in building mass promotes night cooling, when outdoor conditions allow lower condensing temperatures. Slum-improvement strategies are a result of conclusions drawn from the most successful projects that have addressed city-center squatter communities. Phd research proposal in architecture The performance of ventilation systems was monitored in several buildings and models were developed to correlate fan power with airflow and pressure. The MIT Design Advisor is a multi-purpose simulation tool designed to evaluate the performance of advanced building facade systems.

Stephen Ray, PhD student in Mechanical Engineering Previous studies suggest potential for energy savings through cool and green roofs, but do not always consider the many factors that affect potential savings or the relative advantages of different technologies. The basic design idea for this new insulation is to have a silica aerogel the lowest thermal conductivity material known today based insulation that will have superior insulative properties as compared to conventional insulations. Phd research proposal in architecture The system identification framework was applied to another mixed-mode building, where it was found that the aspects integral to the modeling framework led to prediction improvements relative to a simple model. Shallow retrofits involve the quickest and least expensive improvements often including reducing infiltration around windows, under doors, etc and blowing more insulation into the attic.

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