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So how do you paraphrase? What remained the same? It provides an overview of the main ideas in the extract as a whole. Now compare these three statements to the previous extract. cheap essay writing questions Here you mention their work:

Here you mention their work: Paraphrase number three is an acceptable, and is not plagiarism. But first you have to register in our main website:

Literature Reviews Graduate Writing Workshops: Statement 3 is a paraphrase. Use the information prominent style most of the time in your writing. using essay writing service wipro What is a paraphrase?

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Some words have been changed, and the last sentence is quoted and acknowledged. The whole structure of the passage you are paraphrasing needs to change. Paraphrasing activities online A summary is usually shorter than the original piece of writing.

Finally, when working on your paraphrasing, quoting and summarising skills, you may also find these websites handy. Curtin University of Technology Which one is a direct quotation? Write your own version of what you just read, using just the three words as a guide. Paraphrasing activities online The key to success with diverse students is finding ways to provide them with the amounts and forms of instruction that they need in order to succeed in mastering the curriculum.

Which one is a direct quotation? Authorial prominent As the name implies, the author stands out! This step is quite useful when you are trying to paraphrase very dense or complex academic language. Paraphrasing is likely the most common way you will integrate your source information.

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Alexander Graham Bell, who was born in Scotland in but later moved to Canada, invented the telephone after combining electricity with his discovery that sound waves can travel through wire. The following activity examines unacceptable and acceptable forms of paraphrasing. phd thesis paper questionnaire pdf Student Guidelines for Avoiding Plagiarism. Authorial prominent Information prominent. So it is important to limit the amount of source material copied while taking notes.

Paraphrasing is NOT… Just changing words from the original Keeping identical sentence structure Transferring ideas sentence per sentence. The Writing from sources component of the Understanding section of this program explains this in further detail. genome editing thesis For example, using the Thoreau passage as an example, you might begin a paraphrase like this:

Sign Up Already have an account? However, choose the past tense when Click on the Activity 1 link on the right-hand side of this screen to begin the activity. If you are an English language teacher, you can use our free tool to make your own online exercises. buying papers for college a car without rego If you did all of these things, and you remember to always reference the original correctly then you have paraphrased successfully!

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Statement 1 is a quotation, as it uses the exact words and word order found in the original extract. Planning Grant Writing in the Sciences: Writing Lab Navigation open all close all.

In his text, Walden; or, Life in the Woods , Henry David Thoreau points to the incongruity of free men becoming enslaved and limited by constant labor and worry. Enter the username or e-mail you used in your profile. Paraphrasing activities online Why not just use direct quotations? Authorial prominent Information prominent. What is a paraphrase?

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